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The website, standard web presence from the beginning, should be more than a static business card. Your business website should be a dynamic presence. That dynamic presence becomes the foundation for all other elements of web presence. If no one knows your site exists, your business card website will do no good. That’s why your website needs to be alive with activity, reasons to visit and visit again. Regular interaction with the content of your site is what creates the dynamic presence you desire.

A fast-functioning 5 page website can accomplish much as a beginning to present your business to potential customers. But even this modest start can have added benefit which increases the power of your presence when each of the following services are added: Directories, Social Media, Videos, Blogs & Landing Pages. Each works together with the others to further the overall web presence of your business.


Citations, listings in key directories, will enhance your company presence and enable those searching for your products and services with more opportunity to find your business and your website.

There are directory sites specific to your industry and those general. Each opportunity to present your business needs to be carefully evaluated for consistency with all others. Inconsistency in these three basic elements, name, address, phone number, is a problem. Google sees these three (NAP) as key differentiators lowers the value of the citation. AlliantWeb makes sure every listing has exactly the same name, address and phone number.


Because of the breadth of reach of the Social Media it is necessary for your business to have presence there. We will help you to create a consistent look at two key social media services, Facebook and LinkedIN.

Regular postings to these sites come from the blog. Content written for the blog is repurposed to your Social Media sites keeping you active there.


5 Billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. The interest created by a video on your website far exceeds the static effect of text and pictures. One simple example of how you can use video content to enhance your website is a simple introduction that explains the nature of your products or services. A video quickly delivers your message in a way sure to engage the visitor. In fact, videos will help to drive traffic to your website. They are entertaining, while giving your company a personality. Videos strengthen the bond with your visitors.


When viewers are alerted to informational articles at your website through a subscription newsletter, your blog will drive traffic to your website. This also provides opportunity for regular content enhancement to the site. Both of these are vital to the health of the website and provide strength to search engine results. Regular blog content can also be repurposed for use in a newsletter and at Social Media sites.

Landing page

Landing pages are a means of advertising a specific offer, a specific product, a specific service for a specific time. Information about the offer or product which is distributed through a directory citation or social media post or newsletter/blog would contain a link to the landing page which would give the unique details of the offer or service.